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Apple and aronia

  • 100% natural juice from squeezed apples and aronia
  • no added sugar, water and preservatives
  • no concentrate
  • packaging: 1L and 0,2L glass bottle


Amelie’s All Natural Aronia and Apple Juice

Aronia, better known as black chokeberries are one of the nature’s richest sources of flavonoid anthocyanin antioxidants and are also excellent source of minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber. Due to this properties Aronia is considered the newest super food.

Amelie’s aronia (black chokeberries) and cloudy apple juice is made of the highest quality aronia and apples from the fields and orchards of the Prespa region in western Macedonia.  Amelie’s cloudy apples and aronia juice is made only from cold pressed aronia (black chokeberries) and cold pressed apples from the Delicious, Idared and Granny Smith varieties. The juice contains 20% aronia and 80% apples. Amelie’s cloudy aronia and apple juice is not made from concentrate and doesn’t contain additives, preservatives, added sugar or water.

Available in 1L and 0.2L Glass bottle

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