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Apple and carrots

  • 100% natural juice from squeezed apples and carrots
  • no added sugar, water and preservatives
  • no concentrate
  • packaging: 1L and 0,2L glass bottle


Amelie’s All Natural Carrot and Apple Juice

Carrots are rich in vitamin A and other minerals and they have many health benefits. They improve vision and prevent eye conditions like night blindness and macular degeneration. They reduce the risk of stroke and control diabetes.

To produce AMELIE’S carrot and cloudy apple juice we hand pick the highest quality carrots and apples from the garden’s and orchards of Macedonia.

Amelie’s is made from cold pressed carrots and apples only. The juice contains 30% carrots and 70% apples from the Golden and Red Delicious, Idared and Granny Smith varieties. AMELIE’S is not made from concentrate and does not contain preservatives added sugars or water.

Available in 1L and 0.2L Glass bottle

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