Jabolcelo is a small family-owned factory for production of natural juices located in Resen.

We founded the factory with a lot of love and enthusiasm in 2013. We come from a Resen family with great tradition of apple breeding. The love for the apples from Resen, their unique taste and quality inspired us to make high-quality juice from squeezed fresh apples in which the present and future generations will enjoy. Later we decided to expand our product assortment with juices from squeezed apples and beets, apples and carrots, apples and peaches.

The secret of our juices is that they are healthy, simple, and they contain only high-quality squeezed fruits and vegetables, without any additions, including water and sugar, so they can be consumed by people of all ages.

Taste our juices and feel their unique taste and positive influence on your health.

Jabolcelo is implementing the project "Introducing a new manufacturing process for the innovative SMOOTHIE product range, developing new packaging, promoting and selling the product to foreign and domestic markets" thanks to funding and support with Co-financed Grants for Commercialization of Innovations provided by Fund of Innovations and Technology Development