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Apple and ginger

  • 100% природен сок од цедени јаболка и ѓумбир
  • no added sugar, water and preservatives
  • no concentrate
  • packaging: 1L and 0,2L glass bottle


Amelie’s All Natural Ginger and Apple Juice

Ginger contains Gingerol, a substance with powerful medicinal properties and long history of use in various alternative/traditional medicines.

Ginger aids digestion and helps treat nausea.

Ginger lowers blood sugar and improves cardio vascular health.

Its anti-inflammatory effects can help with Osteoarthritis and reduce muscle pain and soreness.

Amelie’s Ginger and Apple juice is made from cold pressed ginger and apples only. The juice contains 5% pressed ginger and 95% pressed apples from the Red and Golden Delicious, Idared and Granny Smith varieties. Amélie’s is not made from concentrate and does not contain additives, preservatives, added sugar of water.

Available in 1L and 0.2L Glass bottle


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