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Apple and peach

  • 100% natural juice from squezeed apples and peaches
  • no added sugar, water and preservatives
  • no concentrate
  • packaging: 1L and 0,2L glass bottle


Amelie’s All Natural Peach and Apple Juice

Peaches are rich in antioxidants and they protect the body against harmful effects of various diseases. Peaches help lower cholesterol levels and boost immunity. Rich in potassium and other minerals they help regulate muscular tissue and metabolic processes. They have positive effect on skin and vision. Peaches are rich in fiber and low in calories, they detoxify the body and have positive effect оn digestive health and reducing obesity.

Amelie’s peach and cloudy apple juice is produced with the highest quality peaches and apples from the prespa region of Macedonia. Amelie’s is made only from purred peaches from the Glo Haven variety and cold pressed apples from the Delicious, Idared and Granny Smith varieties. The juice contains 30% peaches and 70% apples. Amelie’s is not made from concentrate and does not contain added sugar or water.

Available in 2L Bag in Box, 1L and 0.2L Glass bottle

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