For our products we use only high-quality fruit selected by hand from the orchards in Macedonia: apples from the varieties Red and Golden Delicious, Idared and Granny Smith from the Prespa region in Macedonia, beetroot, high-quality aronia, ginger, and Glo Haven peaches. We care about the quality and we supervise and control the origin of the raw material we use.

In the process of production, the fruit is sorted and stored by hand, it is washed and then it goes through second selection. It is mixed in line with a unique Jabolcelo recipe, it is grinded and goes only through the process of cold extraction, without thermal or chemical finishing.

The mixture is stored in reservoirs where it is controlled and then it is pasteurized at high temperature. At the end, we get thick juice with excellent taste that does not contain additives, preservatives, added sugars and water, and it is packed in adequate packaging.

Jabolcelo juices are available in two types of packaging: glass bottle (1 liter and 0.2 liter) and bag-in-box (2 liters).

The bag-in-box packaging, due to the hermetic seal and the air-tight tap, prevents oxygen or bacteria from getting inside and extends the shelf life of the juice, as well as its color and taste. This packaging is made from recycled materials.

The glass packaging prevents liquid oxidation, provides quality protection and it is made from recycled materials.

The products can be found in all big supermarkets in Macedonia.

As of last year, Jabolcelo is being sold in Saudi Arabia.