Scientist compared the effects of clear and cloudy apple juice and determined that cloudy apple juice is much healthier (four times). The cloudy apple juice is rich with antioxidants and contains four times greater concentration of polyphenols compared to clear apple juice. Polyphenols are active antioxidants that are considered to prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular disease, cancer and Alzheimer disease. Will this information influence your choice? In spite of the mounting body of research in favor of cloudy apple juice, consumers continue to drink more clear compared to cloddy apple juice. To get clear apple juice manufactures add enzymes that removes pectin, type of fiber, and this procedure also decreases the amount of polyphenols.

Due busy schedules we don’t always have time to eat the required daily amount of fruit and vegetables. One glass of Amelie’s apple juice contains about 3 squeezed apples which about the required daily consumption of fruits.